Unreliable Anti-Vaccination Websites:
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Here are more misrepresentations on this particular Whale page :

Abstract 1

"Ibuprofen **MAY** induce meningitis in (NZB X NZW)F1 mice" Without the benefit of the actual study or the abstract, I would have to wonder what kind of dosages they were using to experimentally induce meningitis in these mice.

Abstract 2

A 22 year old woman with a chronic auto-immune disorder - not applicable to most of us. "All symptoms disappeared within 24 hours"

Abstract 3

Rofecoxib is not a medication used in children

Abstract 4

Again, another study in a foreign language that most of us will be unable to confirm. It states: "Features of the cases were mental confusion, fever, alterations in the CSF and a **benign clinical course**, with a **high degree of doubt regarding diagnosis**, given the similarity of anomalies in the CSF to those present in partially treated bacterian meningitis."

Abstract 5

Confirms that DIAM is rare.

Abstract 6

"Fortunately, the syndrome is usually benign and resolves quickly following drug cessation."

Abstract 7

Aseptic meningitis in a man with HIV. Not exactly applicable to most of us.

Abstract 8

This one refers to patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.

Abstract 9

Case reports in HIV infected patients.

Abstract 10

Article in Swedish.

Abstract 11

"This article describes the case reports of DIAM in the current literature and discusses the diagnosis and management of this **rare** complication". (that seems to mostly apply in situations where a patient has SLE or HIV).

Abstract 12

In Swedish

Abstract 13

No abstract was available.

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